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Welcome to Core Health and Fitness. We are committed to educating society on all aspects of fitness and nutrition. If you are new to us please feel free to sign up for our free monthly newsletter and check out our monthly online coupon. We hope you enjoy learning from the information we have posted. If you’re returning to us, you will notice a lot of differences to the page and this is just the beginning. We hope you keep checking back with us as we will be adding videos, new articles and recipes, and special workout challenges each and every month. Remember here at Core Health and Fitness we want you to workout SMARTER not harder.

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Jason Mould, MCPT/Owner
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Welcome to the first issue of the Core Essentials. I am proud and committed to offering the most current information on topics ranging from nutrition to golf and everything in between. We hope you enjoy reading the Core Essentials and look forward to bringing you one of the most informative and well rounded fitness letters.

-Jason Mould, MCPT/Owner

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